Friday, March 3, 2017

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

The world never made much sense so I guess it's OK that it's falling apart. It's been unraveling since we lived in mud and shit huts. We're just better at destroying things now. Better tools for it. I honestly believe that at least my own country will be destroyed within the next 100 years. But the United States will most likely take the rest of the Earth down with it. We are selfish like that. Our entire culture is based on selfishness. I guess it's a good thing every person is allowed to be selfish, but it often comes with a cost to others. Maybe the only real question left is not how to save the world, but how to prolong its destruction. Or should we just rush to the end enjoying ourselves as much as possible? As a man who doesn't want much, I guess its easy for me to live a life with little impact. I honestly wish I had more wants. Seems everyone is having a damn good time while the world burns down around them. More power to them, its just a different point of view. Who is anyone to pass judgment on people when they are just making the most of the little time they have? Perhaps it's apathy at this point, but there's already plenty of anger around. No reason to add fuel to the fire. Being pissed off about things that will never change is pointless. Trying to censor and stop others is why Trump is president. He's at least something fun to joke about while the ship sinks.