Tuesday, November 1, 2016

We know.

We are all victims,
We are all to blame,
We should feel pride,
We should feel shame,
Complexity of duality,
We are so alive,
Simplicity of hypocrisy,
We have lost our drive,
Its hard to hold on to even the smallest thought,
When you let go of the things that you've been taught,
Fighting yourself and all you've brought to bare,
Asking yourself why you even care,
Why would I care if I am thin?
Why would I care about wars I'm not in?
Why would I care about people I can't feed?
Why would I care if I stumble and bleed?
Why do I care when in a larger scope,
We are too small to have much hope,
Why would I care when there's so much more?
Why would I care if there is no reason I'm here for?
We tell ourselves to enjoy the ride,
We tell ourselves we are big inside,
We tell ourselves the world is small,
That life is a passage and we take the whole hall,
We tell ourselves all sorts of things,
We tell ourselves that we'll be kings,
But the king of the earth is the king of a speck,
And to be honest this place is kind of  a wreck,
We know this now but we continue to lie,
We know this now but we don't want to die.

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