Friday, October 28, 2016


There's so much feeling I'm setting on fire,
Just want to be whole and without desire,
These flames lick at my fingertips as they shoot from my heart,
Burning my bridges and lovers apart,
There's few men in this world with a solid will,
I fight to keep hold but it wont sit still,
I combust not spontaneously on the rage, love and sorrow,
Looking for a vent or extinguisher to borrow,
The light from inside me blinds my eyes,
Forgiving the unforgivable for spouting the same lies,
Empathy will be the death of me that much is true,
Understanding and kindness to those that use you,
What choice do I have when I want to be a better man?
Going slowly insane but doing what I can,
It's a rough route but someone has to take it,
The fire tries to destroy me but I still might make it,
Make it to where; I don't know,
But the burning inside is starting to show,
Charring off weight and my ability to hope,
Making me restless and unable to cope,
I want to be that rock you knew me as before,
The cracks are getting larger as the heat rises more,
Soon I may burst and send red hot shrapnel flying,
With either my soul or all that feeling dying,
Perhaps it will be both and I'll become nice and cold,
A heartless bastard with no one to hold,
But I'll always try to hold and nurse that ember,
So maybe I can feel again when my wounds aren't so tender.