Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Let's just say I wrote this one when I wasn't so cheery. Read on for sad shit.

I try the medication to make me well,
I work on my body to avoid this hell,
I write down poems of what life should be,
People have their problems and they come to me,
But I'm a man that gives advice and lives in fear,
Care for others but for myself its all unclear,
Reach out for anything to hold that's near,
To keep from falling from this cliff so sheer,
Are we all just brains in organic jars?
Are we just lemmings driving to the edge in toy cars?
How do I know my soul is even here?
Thought I heard it once but too far away to hear,
I try to inspire through love and art,
I keep building fires as they get kicked apart,
I tear down your walls and you build ramparts,
Never find my place on life's chart,
Maybe I'm destined to be an outsider,
A constantly waiting time bider,
Always there but with nothing to say,
On the edge of the group until I fade away,
Missing the piece that makes true friends,
The kind that hold on to our bitter ends,
The kind that turn with you on all life's bends,
Just and empty man with advice to lend,
Because with all my luck,
And a mind so fucked,
I've made the wrong choices,
My life has sucked,
If its all been for lessons who knew?
I'm still here waiting with no clue,
Wish with all this knowledge I knew what to do.

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