Monday, September 5, 2016


If you can't speak softly and be heard, then there may be no point in speaking at all. Sure sometimes you have to scream, in extreme moments, or loud concerts. But if you can't speak softly in quiet moments, the the people you're talking to have no intention of listening in the first place. Here's a little something I wrote about it.

I speak softly,
So I know I'm heard,
I speak softly,
Never waste a word,
I speak softly,
Because when I roar,
I speak hotly,
Say much more,
More than I wish to,
More than I should,
Spitting out venom,
I never knew I could,
So I speak softly,
And those who hear,
Are the ones who matter,
The ones to hold dear,
They aren't just nodding,
Waiting their turn,
They want to know,
They want to learn.

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