Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Lies. We all tell them.

Some do more than others.

White lies, big lies, and downright horrible, heart-wrenching lies.

I find it hard to lie anymore. Somewhere along the way I was lied to too much and the pain of it makes me cringe when I think of doing it to others. Of course, sometimes it is necessary. Those small white lies, or the ones we tell ourselves just to remain sane. When I think back on the big ones I've told, my own self deceits seem to start unraveling on me. As if to punish me for the pain I've caused. I've caused my fair share of pain, but maybe have received it back tenfold in return. Anyways, my resolution for a long time now has been to lie as little as possible, even to myself. Still in pursuit of that simple life, to be a good man in a world full of jackals.

You lie to me,
I can see it,
You cry to me,
Throw a fit,
Do you even know?
Do you fool yourself?
Do you see how they flow?
To maintain your health?
I fear to tell you,
To break that peace of mind,
I lie to myself too,
And I'm afraid what I'd find,
If it came to a war,
Would we tear each other apart?
Would we poke at each flaw?
Break the wheels on our carts?
The ones carrying self image,
and our self deceits,
Then pull them out one by one,
and show them to the streets?
Would we have anything left,
But our own unleashed beasts?
Each exposure frees a chain,
Until they turn on us and feast,
So no I wont unravel you,
And you wont unravel me,
Because inside we all hold monsters,
That should never be set free.

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  1. You craft words into such beautiful arrangements.