Sunday, July 27, 2014


Adrift upon the sea of madness,
Pulling up driftwood dull and brittle,
The bows crack as easy as the waves,
Soaked with a thousand madmen spittle,
The maps reads: Here there be dragons,
magic, adventure, gold and more.
Should have known the sea of madness,
Never yields what you've come to it for,
This treacherous sea has no answers,
Grey haze blocks the sky serene,
Set sail for calmer waters,
To find the stars of which you're keen,
Surely if there are answers,
To anything they're in the sky,
Always seeming just beyond reach,
To those who never learned to fly,
Prometheus brought men the god's flame,
He was punished as if a vandal,
Hermes will you be punished too?
If you grant mere men winged sandals?
To dance on cloud; make love with stars,
To bathe in moonlight and sun,
Just beyond a cloud not far,
Mankind and love are one.

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