Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Question of Faith.

There was once a young man who wanted nothing,
But the dream was one day that he'd want something,
A reason to be alive and roll out of bed,
A simple point to focus all the thoughts in his head,
A woman,
A job,
A way to pass the time,
No worries,
Or sobs,
He just puts it into rhyme,
A challenge,
A chore,
A mountain he can climb,
A simple way of life,
Not something divine,
A sign,
A shine,
A way to cross the line,
To accomplish something more than nothing would be just fine,
Because fine is a way we forget how to feel,
Always question others motives or our sex appeal,
We appeal and kneel to something much bigger,
Pleading for a reason to not pull the trigger,
To a figure much bigger; something like God,
Someone to spoil the child and spare the rod,
I believe there's something out there but feel quite odd,
Because all they seem to do is smile and nod,
Not joking,
Still choking,
On that old token of fear,
A fear of whatever queer thing brought us here,
This isn't christian propaganda not even near,
So all you silly zealots can hold your cheers,
The sensation from faith seems akin to masturbation,
A long-term shame with short-term elation,
Each one our own way of reaching for salvation,
Masturbation or salvation we're just coming to terms,
That one day we'll all be food for worms,
But there's one thing for which everyone yearns,
A way to pass the time until the world burns,
Yearn then burn,
Each in turn,
No easy way of knowing if we'll ever learn,
If the injustice of the world makes your stomach churn,
In about 100 years it won't be your concern,
So enjoy your time not just your faith,
You can worship Shiva, an amoeba, or Bobcat Goldwraith,
But life's right here come and have a taste,
Find a good way to put your time to waste.

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