Saturday, May 17, 2014

Me In a Nutshell (It's dark in here)

Can’t remember the last time I cared,
Passing through life with my passion impaired,
Need to find a way to keep my attention ensnared,
Maybe then my soul can be repaired,
Well when’s the last time I gave a fuck?
Felt a reason to move without making a buck,
So here’s the ladder out this rut where I’m stuck,
And the rungs are rather shabby so wish me luck,
My head is in the clouds because my feet are on a mountain,
To escape the shit the world’s been spoutin’ like a fountain,
If I listen real close I can still hear them shoutin’,
You better follow me because the tide is mountin’,
Don’t wish I was dead just want to live in my head,
Forget the infection that continues to spread,
Of fear and hate and horror and blood running red,
Even choking on the vile bile of things that I’ve said,
Life isn’t defined by the things that you’ve bought,
How many passes you’ve caught, or the men that you’ve fought,
After enough time all these equal to naught,
What matters in the end is the love that you’ve wrought,
I’m a poet and I know it’s a waste of time,
Preaching to the deaf with every rhyme,
Any dollar scholar knows the world is never sublime,
Just going through the motions like a simple minded mime,
But I’m giant, self reliant, with a heart too big.
Compliant or defiant still doing a jig,
Judge all you want don’t care a feather or fig,
Bring all the petty insults that you can rig,
Cuz like most nerds I’m good with words,
But never shy or fly away like scared little birds,
Or little miss muffet with her whey and curds,
I’d fry the spider with my lighter and ask for thirds,
Cuz fear is for people with something to lose,
I don’t got no woman or blue suede shoes,
If you’re lost too well here’s the good news,
Any path is now open for you to choose,
So here’s to the fools and the hard-headed mules,
The clowns with frowns and self-righteous tools,
I’ve been with you all and never thought I was cool,
Like the only kid in town with an in-ground pool,
I’m eloquent; it’s evident, with a small speech imp-p-p-pediment,
Have a spotty past but here it’s irrelevant,
In the city of evil, yeah I’ve been a resident,
Got too much dirt to be elected president,
So if you’re looking for a leader you won’t find one here,
So find yourself a guy that’s not holding a beer,
There’s something about authority I find quite queer,
Like how so many cowards can rule through fear,
Got an iron will and time to kill,
Got a hole in my heart that I’m looking to fill,
If you’re selling a solution just send me the bill,
So I can stop reaching for every cheap thrill,
Our flamboyancies, eccentricities, and all together dickeries,
Our moralities, principalities, and diverging realities,
All these things have shown me our dualities,
And saddest of all, our depressing finalities,
But these few views can skew too,
When everything you knew is proven untrue,
When you feel there’s nothing you can do in a world so blue,
And you might have bitten off more than you can chew,
So open up your eyes and cue the sighs,
Take a look around and spot the lies,
I hope you guys can sympathize,
Just sitting here waiting for hell to rise.