Monday, October 21, 2013

Stress at 5AM

The hearts we hold aren't as colorful as the blood they shed,
Fire in our veins scorch them black as dread,
Black isn't sorrow it's just an absence of color,
Darkness where we once lit torches for each other,
Well if I'm not burning bridges I'm poking ashes,
Securing myself down just to cut the lashes,
We toss and turn in our sleep because the earth is still moving,
Though we stopped screaming so I guess we're improving,
Not everything makes sense in life and art,
Just keep making moves and playing the part,
Self doubt seems to swell like a cancer in the brain,
Pressing on the centers of  pleasure and pain,
There's too much time to worry when you're sitting still,
Every person can find a hole that they are desperate to fill,
They say stress is an enemy but I call it friend,
No problem in my heart being busy can't mend.