Saturday, September 15, 2012


She's like a gunfight by candlelight,
Just can't get her aim right,
The bright muzzle flashes in the night are ruining her eyesight,
Her heart succumbed to frostbite,
Turned it black as midnight,
So she keeps it locked up tight away from the sunlight,
The chill of the world stole her warmth and kindness,
Can't tell enemies from friends in this night-blindness,
She tears friends apart in bouts of fear,
Holds poison to her heart and calls it dear,
A song is the only language she can understand,
But sorrow sings a sweet tune while holding out its hand,
She's stubborn to a point that's bad for her health,
Doesn't take advice unless she's thought of it herself,
I can't save her because I'm the same,
Hold my pride too high to let others lay claim,
So I keep my distance and watch her troubles grow,
Wait for the instance she allows her heart to show,
I'll see if it resembles the one I used to know,
But my frostbitten queen may have thawed long ago,
Its been too long since I've peered through the snow,
I had no way to know that my own cold heart would thaw so slow.