Friday, July 20, 2012

Drowning Fool

Wake up on the floor,
Wash off the filth,
But can't rinse off the shame,
A twitch in the spine,
A pain in the back,
From this monkey he just cant tame,
Looking for a pearl,
A pearl of wisdom,
Formed from all this sand,
But the feelings rush out,
Roar like a river,
In a language he can't understand,
Go for high ground,
Climb up a mountain,
Just to escape the flood,
Tumble back down,
Dragging his knees,
Until they're covered in blood,
The wading fool,
Puts on his red nose,
Oh what a funny clown,
The paint on his face,
smears so comically,
As he struggles not to drown,
Grab at a raft,
To stay above water,
In the shape of a white pill,
On board is a man,
Who can speak to rivers,
He tutors the fool in the skill,
The water lowers,
To where he can stand,
Leave his raft behind,
The fool asks the river,
Why it's so angry,
Always flooding his mind,
"you dam me up tight,
and the water builds,
instead of letting it flow,
Dulling your mind,
With liquid courage,
Just to put on a show,
Do you think you can,
Just feel nothing,
With such a big heart?
Dancing on tables,
With your belled hat,
While your soul is falling apart?
You're not a clown,
You never will be,
That's just how you like to play,
You can bottle me up,
Pretend I'm not here,
But I'll flood you again someday."