Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I wrote a little something for the passing of the NDAA by the sneak-thieves we residents of the United States call our leaders.


Our rights in tatters,

Our freedom vanished,

Where no vote matters,

With free speech is banished,

Now allowed to detain,

Torture and beat,

To make us refrain,

From taking the street,

The land of the free,

The home of the brave,

Gives us degrees,

To line our graves,

What is the point,

When you can't find a job,

And we only appoint,

Politicians who rob,

Sneak with their bills,

And their souls so black,

Getting their thrills,

Sticking knives in our back,

Now every blue collar,

Has a back dyed red,

As they take every dollar,

Every dime 'til you're dead