Sunday, December 25, 2011

Should Have.

Should have been a painter,

Showed you the view,

Something beautiful,

I wish everyone knew,

Should have been a painter,

And used my hope,

Tied it to a canvas,

With some two-ply rope,

Should have been a painter,

And hung them all,

Should've had a dreamscape,

On every wall,

Should have been a painter,

But I never could be,

And words can't express,

What I really see

Sunday, December 4, 2011


There's not a lot for a poet to give,

Just some thoughts on how to live,

Living in your head is all good fun,

But heads in the clouds don't get things done,

Enjoy the beauty of here and now,

You can see miracles if you just know how,

There's a whole wide world,

Some good some bad,

Avoid the shallow,

Embrace the mad,

When did individuality,

Turn to eccentricity,

We only step from the line,

To get publicity,

Enjoy your life,

Be yourself,

Put all of those inhibitions,

Up on the shelf