Monday, February 7, 2011


Well I've been neglecting my poor blog again. And I really must find the time for a real post. This new job is really cutting down on my sitting on my ass time.

So, as per usual, I'll give you some shitty poetry to tide you over. This pretty much explains my mind right now.

I often ponder,

Why my mind seems to wander,

Instead of doing it's job,

Like an attic full of shit,

And I can't get out of it,

No matter how hard I turn the knob,

So I'll sit on the floor,

And ignore the stuck door,

No real need to fret,

Then I'll look through these piles,

Full of memories and smiles,

And others I'd rather forget.


  1. Eh, the blog isn't a need, it's a want. No one's forcing you. But anyway, beautiful poem.

  2. Put this to some wicked guitar riffs, and it's halfway to the radio top 40...

  3. On a related note, a local band is turning my cheesy poetry into lyrics. But radio top 40? I only wish.