Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wake Up.

I wrote this while thinking of a new blog.

But since I'm too tired to write what I feel in complex words today, I'll leave you with a short poem until I have collected myself.

A man can dream,

That's what they say,

But sometimes we dream,

Our whole lives away,

When you hide in your head,

Nothing seems real,

You forget to stand up,

And say what you feel,

We're a society of cynics,

Our spirits broken,

Taught to obey,

Our minds unspoken,

We expect the worse,

So that's what we get,

But I cant help but feel,

A bit of regret,

That although we dream,

We don't do what's right,

We don't run to the streets,

And put up a fight,

We cried in disgust,

At Tienanmen Square,

But when the fight's here,

No one seems to care,

Because our glass is half empty,

We've been molded without knowing,

To take the shit that's fed to us,

Forget the cards they aren't showing,

So we all have to learn,

To fill up our cup,

To fight for whats right,

Please wake up.

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