Friday, December 10, 2010

Freedom isn't free, it doesn't exist.

How can anyone call themselves free anymore?

Everyone owns everything. Since when did people get the right to "own" places? You can't go hunt for your food anymore. No more gathering wild plants to eat. You can do these things in a controlled manner but you'll always have to pay someone.

As you read this there are people you don't even know deciding how you should live your life. Abide by their "laws". People should be born into a world where they can do whatever they please with their own bodies or lives. Like animals.

We had to start like animals. We were animals. I believe in laws just as much as the other man but I believe those laws should only govern unjust acts. If you rape a girl you get your ass beat and possibly killed. If you kill a man be ready to be killed yourself. But if I want to walk down into the woods and live there why do you have to know about it?

But you can't marry someone of your own sex or pump yourself with drugs legally in most places. You can't just find a nice spot and make it your home for the night. You can't be free to live in a world where you just live like a normal animal. People are forced to register themselves and live in the human world.

I never signed up to live in this world. Why do I have to listen to your rules?
Can't we just make things simple again?
Can't I just get a place where no one will bother me for taxes or land permits?
Can't people just.. live anymore?


  1. Wow arent you speaking the truth. People cant just live anymore.. I dont think there would be so much bullshit in this world if we didnt have so much we had to abide by. Things and rules make our world full of hate.. makes people miserable.

    Keep writing.