Sunday, November 21, 2010

Superman's Dead.

Let's talk about heroes.

I don't mean Superman either.
(well, maybe Batman)

Many people have heroes that they look up to. Aspire to be like. While there's nothing wrong with setting goals I wonder if this is really a good method of doing so.

You should look at people and respect them for their accomplishments, but to consider anyone a hero is null. We are all human. We all have flaws. You should always aspire to be the best version of you. Not somebody else.

Emulating another person isn't so bad, but you must look at the person that you are emulating as a normal figure. No one is all knowing, and you have to go about your own way to get a different perspective on your chosen field. Change is created with a collective of several varied minds. They may have a similar goal, but reaching for it can always be done in a different way.

You can always improve on another person's legacy and make it your own.

You should respect a person for what they do. Good for the world, themselves, and their fellow man. But as a person, you should see them as a normal person.

Not a god-like figure capable of things beyond your reach.

Because after all, you are human too.

There's no Superman here. We have to look at the world and change it with our own hands. So put your best foot forward and go make your own legacy.

You may not be the man of steel, or have a kick ass butler named Alfred, but neither do all the people you've called heroes over the years.

Make your theme song. Get your costume.

Go kick life's ass.

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