Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Place your bets.

Have you ever met someone so stuck in their own sorrow you can't stand it?

Like all they focus on is the bad in life and whatever little thing happened to them this week.

I feel a bit embarrassed mentioning it because I've been that way before. Hiding in my cave, refusing to see anything but anguish. At some point your spirit breaks, and you give in to depression. The people that refuse to move past this point in their lives irk me. At some point you should learn to move past all the bullshit life has handed you. Sometimes it's time to stop being sad and start being awesome.

If you do nothing but sit alone in the dark weeping, nothing will ever get better. Don't focus on the past so much. Or life's problems. Live for a moment. A moment where you can smile and relax for a second. If you collect enough of these tiny moments life doesn't start to hurt so bad. You're just waiting for your next moment. Or you can take a different approach and totally cash in. New job, new city, new everything. Sometimes you just need a restart.

Just say "Fuck it."

You can change what you can, but sometimes life deals you a shitty hand.

Get used to it and keep placing your bets.

You'll never win anything folding every hand.


  1. <3 it good wake up call... i wish you could see me the way i used to be kinda when i lived with kaylee because i didnt just sit here and sulk i was happy and did what i wanted but somewhere along the line ive been torn down and beaten and am slowly getting back up.. it takes a toll on me when i have to ask people for help and dont have money makes me feel like less of a person i know you probably dont understand that but its how ive been.. i feel like if i cant afford it myself then i shouldnt be doing it.. im very independent on some shit and then others i fold and need the help but am to afraid to ask because im ashamed..

  2. Sometimes you gotta toss your shame out the window. We all have rough times. Some worse than others.

  3. Yep sometimes life does deal you a shitty hand I know that all to well but I got up brushed off my knees, tended to my bruises, (ego) and now I live again. Nice work. You should submit this one.

  4. I think " folding " is easier than going all in. That is why people do such! I know ive done it more times than I should. Which makes me a miserable person.