Friday, July 9, 2010

Pain is Good, Sometimes.

I find that we are raising generations of pussies. Contact sports and even dodge ball are being assaulted by soccer moms afraid of letting their children experience pain. Everyone expects things to be handed to them. Everyone thinks the world owes them something. What people fail to realize is the world doesn’t owe you a damn thing. By constantly worrying about whether our children are happy and never feel pain, we cause the problems we face now. Everyone is politically correct, and too afraid to say what is on their minds. Reducing the mental and physical pain throughout ones early life, makes it so when they reach adulthood, they can’t handle the real world. No one can shrug off a bad comment anymore. With pain comes wisdom, with wisdom comes realization. This realization is that life goes up and down. You don’t have to sulk every time something bad happens. Roll with the punches, and when the world gives you a nice right hook to the jaw, you may be down awhile, but then you should get up and kick it in the balls. Change is caused by people not afraid to speak their minds as loud as they can. The best leaders have always felt pain at some point in their life, and that is why they know how to deal with it.

I’m not saying to abandon your children. I’m not saying to not show them love. But let them make mistakes. It is only natural to protect your child but they need time to themselves as well. They need to be pelted with dodge balls or maybe get in a little trouble. Getting detention makes them learn how to be responsible, and that there are always consequences. Getting tackled will make them shrug off the little pains in life, and make them force their way through with their own strength next time. A dodge ball hurts less than a punch from a stranger on a drunk night. Detention is nothing compared to going to prison. Failing a class sucks a lot less than losing your job for being lazy. These are all valuable lessons.

Trying to ride on their backs and guide them all the time is only teaching them that someone will always be there to help them. They need to find their own strength and wisdom sometimes. But never completely abandon them or they may turn out worse than desired.

You need only a sperm and an egg to create a child. You need strength and wisdom to create a man. But those who are left to find that wisdom and strength on their own, may become the best of men, or the worst monsters.