Friday, June 25, 2010


The only way my town could be famous is if someone important died here, because no one important is born here. I’m sick of walking down the street and seeing the same old lifeless characters. Drones slaving on, no real purpose just trying to live comfortably distracted, filling every hollow void with multimedia. I wonder if people used to have more fire in their eyes. You can see the twinkle once and a while when one has a purpose, but lately all I’ve seen is emptiness. Isn’t anyone driven to get the hell out of here anymore? Or to do something with themselves? Surely the handful of people I know can’t be the only ones. People need to find something to live for again. It saddens me to go out some days.

All I’ve been witness to lately is terrible things. In the newspapers, the television, and the internet, I see nothing but horrible acts. I find times like these are best spent with the handful you know that have fire in their eyes. Terrible things are changed when people with fire in their eyes work together. These people forge on when the zombies watch television. People who have found a purpose for themselves.

I just want to see happier people these days. Everything is so gloomy. So go look for a purpose, or something that truly means something to you. Go crazy and just do something! Resuscitate yourselves! I just want to feel like I’m amongst the living again.

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