Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Burning Bright.

What is your definition of living?

I wonder what people think these days about it.

Life is filled with beautiful moments and depressing ones. Unfortunately the latter can sometimes build so it makes you not appreciate those other moments as much. There are those who try to hide from life to avoid those melancholy moments. These people just grind away at life avoiding situations that may end badly. They never take chances and in my opinion, never truly live. What do you think? Does a life of solitude and not caring if you live or die count as life at all? I’d rather take the risk and experience the ups and downs. Love, hate, war, peace, depression, happiness, friends, and enemies, I’ll take them as they come.

Even in this dark world you have to try to carve out your own happiness. You have to try to see the beauty in everything and never let a bad moment stop you from trying again. Never give up on the things that you love because of the risk involved.

People often ridicule those who choose to live short and explosive lives. I find the risk takers are the most interesting and most fulfilled people I have ever met. Although sometimes situations end in tragedy, there is no reason to avoid them. Live your life to the fullest with all your heart and even if you die when you are young, you will have no regrets.

If you enjoy smoking do it if you please. If you want to go skydiving go for it. If you want to fight for what you believe in against impossible odds, I believe you have all the right in the world. It’s your life, live it how you want to. Also, stop trying to hold onto people. I believe in educating others on the dangers of all these things, but I will never tell them not to do it. For example, if I am smoking a cigarette and someone tells me I should quit, it annoys the hell out of me. I’m aware of the risks, but I choose to do it anyways. I’d rather enjoy myself than live a buttoned-down, boring, safe life.

Now stop trying to save everyone and let them do as they please.

Life is too sweet to go wasting it on being careful.