Thursday, March 25, 2010


I dwell a lot.
I dwell on the things I want to be, what I want to do.
I feel like there's an ocean of things that I have to say, yet I find it difficult to find a way to relate it to the masses.
I feel that in this world of petty views I am too abrasive to get my opportunity.
I view myself as a generally bad person, in certain aspects.
I am difficult to handle, but I like to think there is some good in there.
I generally want to help people but have no idea how.
I always wanted to be a writer, it's my passion.
I write and feel my audience is too small.
I want a wider scale to things.
I want my golden ticket.
I can't focus much anymore, my mind races.
I know I don't focus on my life much in this, but after all it is a blog.
I hope I haven't bored you.
I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on myself.
I hope you'll take a moment and reflect on yourself too.

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