Saturday, February 6, 2010

Down with the sickness.

I recently read a chapter from a book that caught my eye. In this, they explained the theory that human beings may in fact share the same family tree as viruses. They believe that large DNA viruses with organism-like properties may have created the first nucleus by infecting a primitive archaeon. This rendered eukaryotes. Much of the human genome is viral in origin anyways so why not?

I enjoy this theory because it represents most of humanity to me. For as long as we've known that they exist, we despised viruses as evil machine-like destroyers, yet we may be evolved viruses ourselves. This reminds me of how much we disdain our own little evils. We resent that strange impulse to do something wrong. Maybe its just our inner virus telling us to do whats best for yourself.

Also, this fits the old saying "The human race is a virus". We do procreate to no end, overpopulating the Earth and destroying it as we go. Now, as our host is dying, we look for new hosts! We talk of terra-forming Mars and inventing the technology to do it, but do we need to? To act as a virus is the very nature of human life. Do we really need to spread our disease to the universe?

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