Friday, January 29, 2010

Greetings Traveler!

Whatever happened to the days where people walking by each other could still casually greet each other? Have we become so estranged that we have to cower from the thought of waving to a stranger? Or saying, "Have a nice day"? Countless times I have been scolded by friends for being too outgoing. It's not hard to walk up to someone and ask how they're doing. There's nothing weird about it either. We have too many bottled up people too afraid or too stuck up their own ass to even be courteous with strangers anymore.

This seems worse in the north of the United States. People ignore each other's existence while walking to work or riding a bus, just mindless shells transporting a sleeping mind. Having lived in the south for a short period I find that there really is such a thing as "southern hospitality". Its good to walk down the road and meet new people just by friendly greetings. Not often will you pass a stranger on a deserted sidewalk and not get at least a hello. I love the north, but we need to work on being such shy bitches and look each other in the eye.

Go wave to all the cars passing by.

High five people on the sidewalk.

Talk to the people in the car next to you at stoplights.

Stop being a pussy.

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