Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Professor, may I use the bathroom?

Ok class. Take a seat. Time to talk about Earth.

The 3rd planet from the sun, gifted with the only sentient life in our solar system. Yet, with something so special, evil seems to taint it, so it cannot last too long.

Unlike most Professors, I'm not here to mold your mind, but to unshape it. There are people that mold your mind your whole life. They shape it to what they consider 'normal'. Teachers, parents, governments, the clergy. I'm not saying all of these people are bad people. In most cases they are trying to help. I'm just saying this world doesn't run like a well oiled machine.

Go to school and you'll get a good job. Eat your vegetables and you'll be big and strong. Listen to the governments "experts" and the economy will run fine. Go to church and be a good person and rewards will follow, you may even get into that VIP section in the sky.

That's all nice to hear, but do you think it always works out that way? Truth is not everything works out perfectly in this world. There are homeless people with college degrees, vegetarians who get cancer, the economy is falling apart, and good people get the shaft while backstabbers and whores reap the benefits. But the fact is if you look at the world through a different perspective even watching it burn can be enjoyable.

I'm not saying genocide or struggling families are funny. The fact we live this way disgusts me. But I'm going to ask you something. In the scope of things, does it really matter? Let it go and do something for yourself, or join an organization that focuses on the ones that want to join. Not everyone else.

You know what I mean. You can't change the world. You cannot stop greed and ambition. It will never be the perfect society you want, but you can at least be civil with others of like mind. Just let the notion that the whole planet with join hands and sing "Kum Bay Ya" go.

Not only that, but is what everyone thinks is so important really matter? Your homes, your cars, your things, your uncomfortable relationships because you don't want to act "stupid" or "weird". Let go of all of those feelings of needing to be normal. Of needing that new car because its "cool". Focus on living. Good living, connecting with people you hardly know sometimes just because you don't care what they think about you and they don't care what you think about them. We're just killing time with these distractions. In a few million years, will anyone know the human race existed?

This isn't some anarchist statement or saying that its ok to fuck with people for no reason. I'm just inviting you to take a look at things a little differently. It's time to laugh off those horrible things happening to you. It's time for a new beginning.

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