Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Machine.

Let's take a moment to explain why I find it important to let go of certain things.

Let's discuss something I call "The Machine".

Not unlike animals, we all have some basic primal knowledge. Like how birds migrate and salmon return to the same spawning pool they were born to reproduce, we are just born with the same knowledge. Our instincts.

I can't help but get this feeling that we are all connected. Fragments of something bigger, slowly rebuilding itself to its former glory. With each life a little more experience goes into this machine. With every minute of suffering comes wisdom. Each person, another part of the machine.

The problem is that we don't know what we are working toward. Mankind is capable of great things but with more technology comes a larger detachment from what we really are. Animals. Animals stick to the herd and do what they were born to do. They have nothing more important to do than survive and continue the species.

We, being sentient and possessing the knowledge to dominate other species, no longer fear nature and the food chain. We have become so bored with just existing that we constantly invent more shit just to be entertained.

Just being alive isn't good enough anymore. These computers, televisions, and cell phones distract us from each other and instead introduce us to manufactured humans. These representations on television and the internet are not real people but what certain people want you to think are real. These manufactured humans are designed to mold you to so-called "normal" living. To spend your money on more stupid fucking distractions.

We need to reunite with each other. To find our larger purpose. More people should do what they want to do instead of what they should do. I believe if you are happy with what you are doing with your life you are fulfilling your part in this machine. The reason I'm writing these things is to wake you up and make you a real animal again. A real person again. No longer manufactured but a repaired fragment of that broken machine.

Once we let go we can find each other.

Once we let go we can remake ourselves.

Once we let go we can remake our worlds.

Once we let go, we will know our purpose again.

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  1. The way that you worded your feelings/opinions is quite fascinating, you put edgar allen poe to shame. :). and if you don't know, That is a compliment :)

    I totally agree with the things that you said and the craziest thing is that it makes so much sense.