Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homo Sapien.

We are a wonderful species. Filled with potential and wisdom that puts the rest of the animals of Earth to shame. All of us slightly differentiated from each other through interests and appearance.

But, lets take a look at the human mind. Though fraught with layers of intelligence and personality, we are all the same at our core. If we better understand each other's core, then we can take our first step towards a new outlook and a new life. I know I sound like a new age hippy douchebag, but I can only assure you that I am not.

Try to take my word for it.

Some people think to be a good philosopher, or to be wise, you have to suffer. On that subject, I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but let's just say my life hasn't been sunshine, lollipops, and kittens. If you're reading this still you've probably had a similar situation. Happy people don't go to whackos for advice. But who wants to be normal anyways?

Let's break it down. People are all basically the same. I know you might not think so, and yes there are differences, but on the basest level there's not one among us who thinks any different.

Everyone cares about what others think about them too much. Everyone just wants a little bit of attention. Who doesn't want to make their mark? To drift through time completely unnoticed by anyone? If you say you do, you are probably lying.

I know a few people will be angry about what I just said. Those so-called "different" people who "don't give a fuck about anyone". The truth is, if you really didn't give a shit, you wouldn't be trying so hard to be different. I have no problem with what you want to do with your life, just don't lie and say you don't want the attention.

In example: Tattoos

I have tattoos, a lot of people do. Lots of real die-hard fans of them will get ink that covers their entire body. Using them to represent what they stand for, their heritage, and experiences in their lives. If you have one, you know you didn't get it to stare at yourself, you want others to see. Why not? That's why I have mine. My problem is when people get something outrageous like "fuck" on their forehead and then try to say "I'm just expressing myself." You my friend are full of shit. You are just expressing what you think "normal people" would find offensive, or shocking. You just want your little marks to make yourself different, to make you special.

This life means nothing if we don't interact. This life means nothing without that attention.

What I want you to take from this passage is deep down we are all the same child craving that attention. That acknowledgment that you exist.

This is the first step to letting go because once you realize why the person that is torturing you, beating you, raping you, etc. is just as scared as you are of dying nameless, then you start to see the funny side. No one is superior deep down.

So keep your head up, because that just means they are as desperate for love as you.

No matter what you do to stand out, you have to remember that you aren't being you. You are being what you think most people aren't, for that drug we call attention. That doesn't make you special. That makes you a liar, to yourself.

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  1. Everyone lies to themselves at some point whether they mean to or not. They do it as a way of survival.